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The Walking Dead 8 Episode 10

The Lost and the Plunderers

In AnimeGTX you can watch The Walking Dead 8×10: Rick reads the letter Carl left him. And then he swears to Negan that the next to die will be in him. At the same time, the Saviors (Saviors) receive the drawer sent by Maggie. And he demands Simon to do his job, which takes him to the junkyard of Jadis. After the saviors’ explosive attacks on Alexandria and the Kimgdom, Negan and his trusty man Simon are seeking to get directly acquainted with Jadis and his people, who have allegedly joined with Rick Grimes. TWD 8×10.


LIVE STREAM | The Walking Dead 8×10 | TWD 8×10
Mar. 04, 2018

The Walking Dead season 8