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One Piece 19 Episode 822

Deciding to Say Goodbye! Sanji and his Straw-Hat Bento!

Synopsis – One Piece Episode 822

Episode 822: Now the future Pirate King is at near death from hunger. However, he must face off against his pursuers in Germa 66. But Luffy needs to see Sanji again, he needs to save his friend and bring him back to their crew. Even despite Sanji’s brutal betrayal that left him and Nami behind bars.

Meanwhile, Brook has lost his fight against Big Mom, which was expected as even the great Pirate King in Gol. D Roger didn’t want to face her in a fight. Sanji has now lost everything, his future bride, and his former friends and he is now facing either death or escape. This episode is going to get pretty exciting, especially as Sanji is left with the decision of joining the ultimate battle or not.

One Piece Episode 822
One Piece Episode 822
One Piece Episode 822
Jan. 20, 2018